October 03, 2008


In late August, Byonics started selling the fully assembled SMT version of the TinyTrak4 APRS tracker.  I put in an order last week and received it on Friday.  Since I was using a TinyTrak3Plus previously this was an easy swap.  I have been messing with this over the past few weeks and have had a great amount of success.  I am finding that the smartbeaconing is working a bit differently (less beacons on the same track with the same settings as the TT3+), but overall it is a drop in replacement. I'm looking forward to the addition of the digipeater to the tracker in the coming months.  Here is a track of my morning commute across the Bay Bridge using the TinyTrak4 connected to a Duleo GPS  and a Kenwood G707A installed in my truck.



May 31, 2008

SPOT my location, please.

Recently I was looking at Electronics at REI.  I ran across this personal locator beacon, that was fairly inexpensive, called the SPOT Satellite Personal Messenger.  This little box has a GPS receiver and a satellite transmitter all in a ruggedized and simple case.  If you are in danger, you can press the 911 distress buttons and it alerts their emergency operations center.  But the cool feature is that it can be used to "check-in" with your location, which gets forwarded to your designated SMS and e-mail recipients.  


I would love to see an SMS or e-mail to APRS-IS gateway that for a device like this.  Could you imagine the search and rescue implications for hurt hiker or boater to give their exact coordinates to the SAR staff this is trying to rescue them.  Heck, this might even be a wonderful tool for people that are outside of normal phone service range that just need a reliable way to signal their need for help.  It isn't complex, nor can it send complex messages, but a location and a distress signal is worth every penny you pay for it when you really need it.


July 08, 2007

The installation of a TinyTrack3Plus

The installation of a TinyTrack3Plus in my primary vehicle.

July 04, 2007

MicroTrak300 Test - Oregon Trip 2007

MicroTrak300 test along highway 5 on our trip to Oregon over the 4th of July weekend.

March 18, 2007

Building and running the Byonics MicroTrak300

Building and running the Byonics MicroTrak300 APRS Tracker

January 16, 2006

Tupper Track(tm)

The original Tupper Track page.