March 26, 2020

Social Distancing

I got a head start on the social distancing thing on 3/11/2020 when I was sent home from work for attending the RSA 2020 conference in San Francisco.  As good as the conference was with hand sanitizer, they had two people attending the conference that had positive COVID-19 tests, and one of which that passed away.  Since I started telecommuting (telework in the Federal government terminology), I had a chance to get my home office arranged in a maximal configuration before the SHTF with Alameda County's shelter in place order, and the following California shelter in place order.

We have been at home as a family unit trying to get school and work done, while staying safe.  I can't say that anybody is thriving in this situation, but we seem to be functioning.  Thanks to Amazon Prime, Costco Delivery, Safeway Delivery, and we are able to get the staples for all members of our family without going out in public.  We have dedicated one hour a day to go outside and hike or walk.   

I've continued on with my #ADVENTURE45 project in this crazy world and just shipped a dozen rolls off to Dwayne's Photo in Kansas for processing.  I am really looking forward to receiving the results.  There is so much craziness in the world and shooting film is one this that is very soothing.  Stay safe everyone!

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February 15, 2020

Two Weeks In

I have officially been working on this #ADVENTURE45 project for two weeks now.  At this point I'm averaging about 3/4 of a roll shot per day.  The cameras that I'm using right now are not the ones that I prefer, but they are the ones that are working.  My beloved Pentax K1000 that I've been using for over 25 years is having a shutter lockup problem and both of my Canon EOS 5 units are acting up.  When you reach an obstacle, just improvise!  I have started rotating through my "plastic fantastic" toy cameras that have gone unused for a few years.  What fun!

Time to buy some more film.  Once I'm up to about 20 rolls, I'll be shipping an order out to Dwayne's Photo in Kansas for developing and scanning.

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December 28, 2019

Flickr and Creative Commons

If you have been reading or Googling me, you may know that photography is a hobby of mine.  I'm not particularly interested in making money off of it, as I have a day job that pays the mortgage and consumes most of my time.  That being said, I've been on Flickr since 2006 and have put my public photos online with a Creative Commons license.  What does that mean?  My photos, with permission, end up being used in a significant amount of web content. There are rules to usage and you can look them up from the link provided if you'd like, but overall my images have been used in context and in tasteful ways. 

My wife often asks me "why do you take so many pictures of random things?".  This is why.  Who else is going to create random pictures of breast pump bottles arranged in a smiley face?  Who is going to take high resolution pictures of local artisanal beer cans?   Who is going to take pictures of electrical boxes that are painted with colorful murals?  That answer to all of these questions is: Me.  

A simple Google image search will show you all the images or articles with some of my images that are used.  I can't vouch for the content of each of them, but I'm happy that my seemingly random images find use.

June 15, 2015

And it was gone

I decided I wanted to have a roll of 35mm C-41 developed same day.

I went to the 1 hour photo section of the local chain drugstore that I had used over the last decade.

It was gone.

They only handled prints.

I got on Google and found all of the stores in that chain in a 25 miles radius.

They now only shipped film out and wouldn't return your negatives.

I was sad.

It was the end of an era.  

Mail order is available and affordable.  

But for how long.

It isn't like the death of a friend or a relative.

I mourn it nonetheless.

Time to start processing film at home. 


April 02, 2013

1 Hour Photo

As you may have read in my blog, we recently moved.  In the past I would mix up my 35mm color film developing between mail order and local 1 hour photo labs that were located in major chain pharmacies.  I only moved six miles to the east and the lack of photo processing options is really unfortunate.  In the two zip codes that encompass the town that I live in, the Costco, Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Target and Walmart all send their film out to be processed.  I don't really understand how you can say that you are a one hour photo lab, if all you can do is make digital prints in under an hour. I can understand that where I live is a small town (a population of only 82,000 people), but you would figure that at least one place would still do developing at a premium.


Two weeks ago I decided that I would test out the photo department at the new Walgreens that just opened near my house.  I received my Photo CD like I requested, as well as prints, which I didn't request (and they were nice enough not to charge me for them.  The thing is: They Didn't Return My Negatives.  That is pretty ridiculous.   I'm not sure if this is the new thing for them to reduce the amount of physical shipping, but I cannot patronize an establishment that charges the same for less service and doesn't give you back something that is standard and customary to return.

This is somewhat of a useless rant, because I do understand that the market for chemical film and services will consolidate over the next decade, but in America it is still my right and privilege to complain. 



March 19, 2011

Cat + Sweater

Cats on the internet are funny.  Add a sweater and the hilarity ensues. 

Here is my cat Oprah wearing a sweater. Guffaw.


I took this photo using a Powershovel Blackbird, Fly camera.

February 28, 2011

Experiments with houshold chemicals

Over the last year I have been messing around with different types of film to see how they react.  I've played with Redscale film, which is regular color negative film that is flipped backwards in the 35mm canister,  so that the opposite side of the film is exposed.  You can get some really striking effects if you expose it right.  I have also experimented with Cross processing, in which you take slide film that is supposed to be processed as E-6 slide, but instead you process it in C-41 chemicals.  For that you get some really neat colors that pop out at you.  You can do the reverse, but it isn't as dramatic. 


(Photo Courtesy of ffunyman on Flickr)

I started reading on some of the Flickr forums about people who are "film destroyers", in which they use household chemicals to change the film emulsions to obtain interesting effects.  Some people also use heat to expedite the film aging process.  My first attempt was to bake some expired film for about a minute in the oven.  I followed instructions I found online, but the film canister became warped and unusable.  My second attempt at this was to drop a cheap color 35mm canister into a pyrex container with boiling water for a minute.  That film snapped half way through exposing it and I ended up with a fully ruined roll.  So I devised a plan to try messing with a four pack of cheap 35mm ISO 400 film that was purchased at Rite-Aid.  

With this four pack I tried four different substances to change the emulsion characteristics.

I got some interesting results.  I'm not sure if I will do it again soon, but it is worth the effort to experiment if you like to try new things with film.  You get interesting and random distortions, rainbow effects and very confused photolab operators at the drugstore.  For the time being I think my experiments might go as far as getting some Revolog film to play with (BTW that stuff looks AWESOME), as I'll have way less time on my hands with a new baby arriving next week.

Below are a few of the most interesting ones:





Be careful when messing around with household chemicals.  Some people use various forms of Chlorine Bleach and other caustic chemicals, so be safe when you are playing mad scientist!



November 04, 2010

Flickr and OpenID

One of my favorite web communities is the site Flickr.  They were bought by Yahoo years ago and consolidated their login system with Yahoo years ago.  One of the cool things that they are doing now is to allow other forms of authentication including Google's accounts.  So, if you never went and viewed your friend's private Flickr pictures and video because you didn't want to setup a Yahoo account, those days are over.  Just link it...


Update: January 20, 2011 - Flickr Adds Facebook login capabilities.


May 11, 2009

NOT a pocket camera

When you think of photography and cameras these days, most people think about nifty little digital cameras that pop into your pocket. The funny thing about physics and optics, is that it can scale quite easily to a larger format.  Shaun Irving decided to scale the size of a camera up that of a large box truck.  Being incredibly experimental photographer he bought a truck on eBay, he converted the truck into a large mobile camera.  That is the funny thing about art.  Sometimes it is so impractical that it draws you in.  He is not creative when it comes to naming a project, as it is called: CAMERATRUCK.  To the point, but not exciting.  On the other hand, the pictures are amazing and simply huge.  The average size of his works are 7 feet by 3.5 feet.

Box Truck 

(Photo Courtesy of The Joy Of The Mundane on Flickr)



February 11, 2009

Born to be in pictures

Everyone has been asking me about the baby photos recently.  I've just uploaded them recently and have made them accessible through Flickr.  Without an account you can see a few photos, but to see everything you'll have to have a Flickr/Yahoo account, which then I can grant access to see all the photos. 

These are the photo sets so far:

We also have some video to share as well, but I'll have to do a bit of video editing before it will all be releasable.  Sorry for the delay, as we've be up to our neck in diapers.


In the future you can see any Miles related photo sets here:

November 22, 2008

Talking photography with virtual friends

Whether you are a novice or and old pro when it comes to digital photography, it is always nice to have a place to share resources.  ShutterBudd is that sort of community.  Whether you want to evaluate how various pieces of gear work for you, talk about photo manipulation software or just share some of your work, this is a great site to frequent.  This community is active in both digital and analog mediums, so you are as likely to find information about the newest Digital SLR camera or medium format black and white photography and everything in between.

ShutterBudd Screen shot 

While other sites such as Flickr, SmugMug, and Picasa allow you to share photographs and make connections, ShutterBudd is a smaller community that feels closer knit.  ShutterBudd has ventured from the cyber world into the real world with their photo exhibitions that take place around the San Francisco Bay AreaThere is still time to submit your photos for the January 2009 show which features the theme: Good Food, Good Friends!