February 08, 2012

Happy Birthday Hazel

Today is a very special day for my furry little girl.  Nine years ago today, a furry little Australian Cattle Dog puppy was born.  We adopted her four months later and has been a member of the family ever since.  Her birthday is special you see, as Hazel is the only pet that we know their history from birth, down to the day.  She has been incredibly patient as new member of our family have come on board, human and animal alike.  We are so lucky to have her in our lives.




March 19, 2011

Cat + Sweater

Cats on the internet are funny.  Add a sweater and the hilarity ensues. 

Here is my cat Oprah wearing a sweater. Guffaw.


I took this photo using a Powershovel Blackbird, Fly camera.

July 16, 2010

Goodbye Ely

My beloved cat Ely finally lost his battle with Cancer yesterday evening. There isn't much else to say except that I never chose him to be my cat, he chose me to be his human.  I miss him so much, but after 19 years it was his time.


If you want to see some photos of my friend throughout his life feel free to look here:


March 08, 2010

Welcome home Franklin!

Yesterday we brought home a wonderful addition to our family.  Franklin is a 3 2 year old Dalmatian who has had a somewhat rough start to his life.  Found homeless on the streets of Fresno, Franklin was suffering from terrible bladder stones.  The animal shelter was going to put him down due to all his issues until Save a Spot rescue of Turlock swooped in and took him home.  They invested so much time and energy into this wonderful young boy.  After being neutered, having bowel surgery and bladder surgery, he has come to live with us.  He is so incredibly sweet and gentle. 

Why the name Franklin?  When we were trying to come up with a good name for him, we found that Benjamin Franklin was lover of Dalmatians, and the name stuck!     

More pictures here:

March 06, 2010

The wonders of Japanese engineering

Before we get started, this post has nothing to do with Toyota braking issue recalls.  My last three personal vehicles have been Toyota.  I don't think any one company or country has a monopoly on automobiles that are deathtraps, especially now in the age of outsourcing and globalization.  It isn't that long ago that people were burning to death with exploding gas tanks in Ford Pintos, rolling over in Suzuki Samurais, or having their Ford vehicles with Firestone tires blow out and causing massive accidents.  Anyways...

(Photo Courtesy of Giovanni Spina on Flickr)

Last weekend we made the trip to Costco to purchase some groceries and pick up a new cordless phone for the house.  The last unit we had was purchased sometime in the 2003/2004 time frame after then-puppy Hazel had brutally destroyed one of the handsets from our VTech cordless and Duke had chewed most of the plastic off another handset.  The last phone was another Costco purchase and was chosen because it was inexpensive and the model that they had in the store that week.  That Panasonic phone set endured countless handling atrocities such as having the handsets dropped hundreds of times on concrete, tile and laminate flooring.  While the handsets avoided the dog chew toy treatment that the last phone endured, they had been carried or munched on to some extent.  The final nail in the coffin for this fine example of Panasonic engineering happened to come from our cat Oprah.  As a cat with diabetes, she sometimes communicates her displeasure through the fine art of urination.  So we ended up buying a similar Panasonic model at Costco for $60 USD.  Note to Panasonic test engineers: Make sure your phone circuitry passes the cat urine test.  (Yahoo! Babel Fish tells me that it is this in Japanese: あなたの電話回路部品のパスを猫の尿検査確かめなさい ).  We are more than happy to provide Oprah as a "consultant" for a small fee.

February 21, 2010

Another family member on the way.

We have a young one joining our family very soon... just not the human kind!  We took a trip to the Save A Spot Dalmatian Rescue in Turlock, California yesterday.  We met several wonderful dogs, but clicked with a sweet young Dalmatian that has had a very hard life so far.  He's just had several surgeries and is recovering with a foster family until we can come and pick him up in about two weeks.  He has already met our Son and Australian Cattle Dog.  What a sweet personality!

Here is a sneak peek from yesterday, just excuse the e-collar.